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Three model ranges of temperature controllers are available:-

  • ST22 Range of single zone plug-in controllers for kilns up to 3kW
  • ST31 Range of single zone controllers
  • ST32 Range of multi zone controllers


ST22 Range

This comprises the ST221 & the ST222.  The ST221 is a single program controller designed mainly for enamelling kilns.  The ST222 is a general purpose 9 program controller with 9 ramps & dwells per program.  These controllers allow small kilns without controls, or with kiln sitters, to be simply upgraded to full electronic control without rewiring.

ST31 Range

This is a single zone 4-model range of our most popular controllers.  The ST316A is a 9-program controller designed for ceramics firing.  The ST315A (our best selling controller) is a 9-program glass controller, which can also be used for ceramics and has 9 ramps and dwells per program.  The ST312A (our simplest controller) is a single program version of the ST316A and the ST314A is a single program version of the ST315A.

ST32 Range

These are multi-zone controllers which can be used with 1,2 or 3 heating zones.  The ST325 has 32 programs - each program has a limit of 32 ramps and dwells per program.  It can be used for either glass or ceramics.  The ST326 is similar but is designed for ceramics and has 99 programs.  Program linking can be used for complex firings.

Note: Prices shown in our store do not include VAT (sales tax).  For UK & EU orders only, VAT will be added at the UK rate (currently 20%).  If you are an EU customer with a VAT registration number then do not use this store - contact us directly. 

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